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    The Broadwater Reporter is locally owned and operated. We are proud to serve the communities of Broadwater County, and hope to bring them together each week through our community news. In an effort to keep the citizens of the county informed, we strive to have a reporter present for all events in the county, and beyond. We welcome input from the community regarding club and organization events, weddings, births, school activities, city and county meetings, guest columns and letters to the Editor. It is our goal to be the source for information in the county.  

     Nestled in the valley between the Big Belt Mountains to the east and north, the Elkhorn Mountains to the west, and the Horseshoe Hills to the south, lies Broadwater County. Broadwater County also lies near the half way point between Glacier National Park to the north and Yellowstone National Park to the south. 

     Canyon Ferry Lake is in the heart of Broadwater County. The lake is Montana’s third largest body of water, and has a staggering seventy six miles of shoreline. The lake is a mecca for fishermen, and plays host to the largest fishing tournament in the State of Montana, The Canyon Ferry Walleye Festival. The lake also supports thriving wetlands and wildlife management areas, which provide some of the best bird watching areas in the state.Wildlife is abundant throughout the entire county; including deer, elk, moose, antelope and more. Hunting and fishing contribute greatly to the economy of Broadwater County.

         While winter tends to slow Broadwater County down, it never really goes to sleep; Canyon Ferry Lake hosts ice fishing tournaments, and provides some of the best winds in the nation for ice sailing.

         It is in this beautiful valley that the Broadwater Reporter has taken a foothold. We feel very fortunate to live and work in this county. The people of Broadwater County, and their events, help make the Broadwater Reporter the newspaper of choice.


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