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A New Purpose for an Old Landmark

Many people around town have probably noticed there has been a lot of commotion and movement at 205 Broadway these last few months. Those who have lived in this area have begun reminiscing about what families used to do in that old building and many have been interested to learn what is going to be going in now?

Many people around Townsend still talk about The Town Talk, the restaurant that was located in this building for many years. Started by its original owner in 1938, the building was built two years after one of the largest fires in Townsend history took the original structure. In 1936 the Home Café and Lena Wilcox Millinery shop, that was adjoining, were burned to the ground. According to the Broadwater Bygones “The Townsend Fire Department fought one of the most devastating and difficult fires in their history that night with a strong north wind carrying fire brands as far as two blocks to the south. They managed to discover and extinguish several smaller blazes threatening the roofs of business houses and residences and kept the big fire from spreading to other connecting business firms with ice-covered paraphernalia.”

After the fire M. Boyd Ness built a modern restaurant and named it “The Town Talk” This restaurant did a thriving business for over 40 years, changing owners multiple times but continuing to serve the town as “the place to go” to get the latest news and good food. After the Town Talk closed the building stood empty some and had several different businesses use it but nothing as long as that restaurant. In July 2016 Eve Eichinger-Bruins took possession of the building and will once again be using it to provide good service and food for the people of Townsend.

The Sweet Briar Bistro will be the newest addition to the restaurants available in town and Eve, along with her husband Floyd, have been working hard to get it ready to once again host meals for the Townsend citizens. Eve Eichinger-Bruins has worked in the food industry for over 20 years and has a love for a family friendly environment, good food and giving people the opportunity for employment. All three of these things are reasons behind why she decided to start the Sweet Briar Bistro. She purchased the building because it is a great location and has such a rich history as part of Townsend’s main street. I sat down with Eve to talk about what the restaurant will be offering and when they are looking to be open for business.

Eve started working in the kitchen at a daycare when she was just 18 years old, from there she and her husband owned two different franchises and when they sold their Subway she was offered a job as the health inspector for the Subways in that region. She worked as a health inspector until they moved to Colorado where she took over management at a detention facility kitchen where she supervised between 35-40 inmates every day. When they moved to Montana six years ago to be closer to family she has taken several jobs but couldn’t really find something she loved.

The Sweet Briar Bistro will offer breakfast, lunch and dinner and will have a variety of options to choose from. Breakfast and lunch will have suggested entrees and then an option to “make-your-own” with everything they carry available so you can build your meal anyway you want it. Dinners will be themed; Tuesday is Italian, Wednesday is Chinese, Thursday is Mexican, and Friday is Fish & Chips, they will not be serving dinner Saturday-Monday right now. Desserts will alternate and go along with the dinner themes. There is also a kids menu available serving breakfast and lunch/dinner. Items are affordable and made right there in her newly redesigned kitchen. The restaurant also boosts a full coffee bar, deli case and candy nook for the kids.

Eve would like to express her gratitude to all the contractors, laborers, friends, family and especially her husband Floyd for all of their hard work getting the building up to code and ready for customers. Though she was not able to save everything from The Town Talk she was able to make the vent from the ceiling part of her lighting. The restaurant is open Monday 6-4, Tuesday-Friday 6-9 and Saturday 6-8 (through the summer). Stop by and see what she’s done to the place and have a great meal while you’re there!



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